Aabid Khan (30) and his family suffered unbearable difficulties during the Northeast Delhi pogrom. When the Hindutva mob started targeting the houses of Muslims in Karawal Nagar, the family had to leave their house in the middle of the night. The house where Aabid’s children grew up, played and learnt was looted and set on fire.

Aabid and his wife, Hina (23) have two sons, Zaid (7) and Zareek (3). Aabid is a daily wage labourer who works as a swing machine worker in the Northeast Delhi area. It was pretty hard already for Aabid to be able to make both ends meet for his family, the pogrom and the subsequent Covid induced lockdown pushed them further against the wall of poverty. Aabid also suffers from a chronic illness and requires constant medical check-ups.

His elder son never went to school because the family lacked the resources to send him to school. Miles2Smile decided to put an end to this state of theirs. With the grace of the Almighty, we have been able to shift them to an alternate accommodation where we have provided them with utensils and ration.

We believe that nothing can improve the life of an individual as much as getting educated. The foundation has enrolled Aabid’s son, Zaid who is seven years old in Sunrise Public School under the ‘Shaagird’ initiative. Zaid was totally delighted when we visited his home to gifted him a Motu-Patlu bag. He is one of the brightest students we have in our school. Seeing his smiling face daily at the school helps us to keep on working towards the restoration of precious smiles.


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