Of all the relief work we’ve done, the story of Mussarat and Rayyan, by far remains one of our favourite stories which we wish to share here. So, the team was in the midst of a chaotic relief work when we were informed about a pregnant lady Mussarat. As team was told she was very close to delivering a baby and was facing some sort of complications. This case was put on priority.

Another issue with Mussarat was she was in her iddat period (period of waiting, Muslim women should observe after death of her husband or divorce). She hadn’t had her regular check-up done in a while. Being in iddat she was very reluctant to the idea of visiting the doctor. It took the team a lot of persuasion to take her for regular medical check-up. The ultrasound report suggested she had inadequate amniotic fluid which was causing the problem and could lead to premature delivery. After a day her labor began and she was moved to a distant hospital. Within few hours she had a normal delivery but the child was little shaky and had to be kept in an ICU. First her husband died then her house was burnt but the best was yet to come. With the ashes of carnage, a new hope, a baby boy who we named Rayyan (one of the doors of paradise). After 8 days in an ICU Rayyan and he’s mother were discharged. Both the mother & child are perfectly fine now. The Miles2Smile team has adopted the baby and pledged  to take care of their needs. We are keeping a close eye on the family. Thus, a smile was restored and a new hope for all of us.

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