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Work For All

For almost two and half year, we have answered the call to service during every adversity, be it, the Oxygen crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, providing medical relief to Delhi Pogrom victims and setting up a school for the aggrieved children, food delivery during Bihar floods, providing clothes and an education center (in pipeline) to Rohingya refugees, collaborating with Maee Library in the hills of Uttarakhand and starting our pioneer educational sponsorship program for underprivileged children.

Smiles For AlL

Cute little smiles are the building blocks of positivity in society and we find no greater joy than doing just that. Thus, at miles2smile, we make it our daily goal to restoring smiles and finding unique ways to do it. We believe, everyone, especially those from underprivileged sections, deserve to live fulfilling and happy lives and to have someone on their side willing to fight for them and help to make their lives happier.

Opportunities For All

We are acutely aware of the problems plaguing marginalized communities and the lack of representation (or dare we say, misrepresentation) of those groups and their problems in the mainstream narrative. In order to bring marginalized communities from the periphery to the center of the narrative and social-economic standing, we seek out their own voices and unique perspective on their issues and constantly try to provide equal opportunities to them.

Through the Years

Our History

First Trimester 2020

2020 (January to April)

2020 for India started with a rumble. Delhi witnessed targeted and organised violence against Muslims. To help the victims, Miles2Smile started with a medical camp at Al-Ishah Public School in Mustafabad. We helped victims with rehabilitation and provided them with legal aid. We were able to arrange for 100+ theli (carts) and E-Rickshaws for the members of affected families and were able to help some set up grocery shops as well, thus giving them the means to a sustainable income.

Second Trimester 2020

2020 (May to August)

With the entry of COVID-19 into the Indian scene and the subsequent lockdown, we started a "Smile Kitchen" in Northeast Delhi and provided cooked meals to more than two thousand displaced families. During the Bihar Flood, our team relentlessly worked and distributed food, clothes and tarpaulins to over one thousand flood affected families in Darbangha and five thousand people in Siwan, Gopalganj and Chapra.

Third Trimester 2020

2020 (September to December)

We were able to bridge the gap between education and employment with our initiative "Hunar" that focuses on skill development. Under this initiative, 25 girls from the pogrom affected areas of Delhi completed a three months certificate course in Nursing and Patient Care. To provide for the education of children of the affected families, Miles2Smile started "Sunrise Public School" in Loni, Ghaziabad where currently 250 students are enrolled.

First Trimester 2021

2021 (January to April)

Under project Taleem, the first madrasa we visited and worked for was Madarsa Miftahul Quran located in Shiv Vihar, Delhi. This madrasa bears silent testimony to the people’s crippling apathy towards the education of children of the minority community. When we first visited there, we witnessed the madrasa in a very desolate condition.  Madasra Miftahul Quraan provides shelter to 25 resident students and takes responsibility of their education and living.

Second Trimester 2021

2021 (May to August)

A massive fire broke out in Rohingya Refugee Camp, Kanchan Kunj and gutted several shanties. We helped to temporarily shift to a nearby plot. With no relief coming from the government, local residents and NGOs in co-ordination with Miles2Smile set-up tents. Our team mobilised relief materials from our resource centers at North East Delhi. We collected used and new clothes, segregated them according to age and gender groups and distributed to all distressed families. We were also able to provide fans, folding beds, bed sheets, utensils and dry ration to all.

Miles2Smile Foundation

Third Trimester 2021

2021 (September to December)

Van Gujjars are transhumance pastoralists inhabiting the foothills of Himalayan states such as Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and some 2000 live in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur District. There are around 70,000 families dispersed across the length and breadth of Uttarakhand. We recognized some of the fundamental issues prevailing in the Van Gujjar community that are illiteracy, lack of forest rights and poverty. Among all the concerns we believe that illiteracy is the root of the community’s exploitation. Miles2smile Foundation plans to support the Van Gujjar Community.

Miles2Smile Foundation

First Trimester 2022

2022 (January to April)

Another disastrous fire broke out on the night of 15th December 2021 at Rohingya settlement in Chandeni-2 camp in Ferozepur Namak village, Nuh, Haryana. The incident was so grievous that it destroyed 32 out of 34 shanties and displaced around 106 people. The people residing here lost everything including their belongings, savings and documents. The victims said that the damage was already done by the time fire tenders reached the site. There are around 50 males and 56 females at the camp including infants, kids, adults and old age people. Miles2smile Foundation was the first responder who came forward for help. We reached there at the earliest after hearing about the fire incident with all the relief materials required. The major assistance we provided to them was the construction work. At first, we constructed 5 washrooms, a community kitchen and common hall. We arranged bamboos, ropes, tins and wires for all the construction required there. Along with the houses, we have also constructed 7 shops for the individuals who lost their businesses during the fire incident.

Miles2Smile Foundation

Second Trimester 2022

2022 (May- August )

April saw a spate of communal-violence incidents that devastated hundreds of Muslims’ houses and businesses in the states of Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. We couldn't just sit and watch the people out there suffer injustices, and a huge loss of capital, which included their vehicles, houses and shops. We immediately made our way to violence hit areas of Karauli, Khargone, Sendhwa, and Delhi's north-eastern Jahangirpuri and began the relief and rehabilitation work.

We restored over 50 small and large businesses, helped affected families repair their damaged homes and brought back around  700 smiles in the face of widespread bigotry

Miles2Smile Foundation

Third Trimester 2022

2022 (September-December)

In September 2022, a Rohingya settlement in Nangeli, Haryana got completely submerged after 3 days of heavy rain, leaving its 206 residents inundated and displaced for a month. The conditions we found there were really miserable. The water had risen to their beds. Their clothes and even their rations got washed away. Most settlement-dwellers had no means to relocate, or rebuild their lives, therefore, no choice, but to adapt themselves to living in such adverse conditions. They were suffering from a variety of infectious and stomach diseases such as allergies, nausea, and diarrhea. 


We were the first team to visit their settlement and organize a medical camp to provide them with medical care, screening and free medication.

We ran a free community Kitchen to provide food to all the residents who were unable to access their kitchens because of water stagnation. The kitchen ran for a week and provided for their nutritional needs until they were back on their feet again. We also got the standing water drained, using water pumping units and installed some portable water purifiers to provide them with clean drinking water.

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Miles2Smile is a non-profit organization registered under Section-8 of the Companies Act 2013 (18 of 2013) and Rule 8-Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. The organization has its headquarter in New Delhi. The prime working area of the organization is relief & rehabilitation of distressed individuals or groups and educational upliftment of the marginalized and underprivileged.