Donate to restore the livelihood for Salim

Mohammad Salim is a resident of Mustafabad in North East Delhi. There are 6 members in his family including his wife and 4 kids. During the Delhi pogrom 2020, his shop was burnt along with the rented accommodation they were living in. Miles2Smile Foundation helped Salim in getting an accommodation along with all the household essential items while also ensuring the education of his kids through "Shaagird" Initiative.The Foundation also helped him in opening a grocery shop that Salim ran in the Covid-19 times. Since the last year, he is running a rented auto that is helping him earn a meager sum and he is barely able to sustain his family. The fear of not having any savings for any unforeseen event like the violence he saw, is filling him with anxiety.If the fundraise amount is reached, he will be able to make the down payment for the auto & will pay the rest over amount through EMIs.


Donate to restore the livelihood for Salim

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