Help the victims of Khargone Riots

A series of anti Muslim violence occurred at Khargone, a small town the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Rasheed Bee's house along with the houses of 21 families were razed to the ground in broad daylight. The inhabitants were neither given prior warning nor ample time to even move their household essentials. The Ramzan is beck.jng extremely difficult for them as they all belong to economically deprived section. This fundraiser will assist them in buying house essential and manage the Ramazan.   1.Haseena 2. Abdul Hakeem 3. Sultan Gulsher 4. Arif Sadiq 5. Ameer Syed 6. Rashid Jumma 7. Sadiq Kalu 8. Ashiq Aziz 9. Abid Aziz 10. Salim Rustam 11. Nafees Pappu 12. Rasheeda Majid 13. Naseem Majid 14. Nafees Abdul Aleem 15. Saiju Aziz 16. Mazhar Nisar 17. Yunus Ishaq 18. Iqbal Habeeb 19. Zubair Thani 20. Sarwar Zubair 21. Acche Khan 22. Md. QURBAN


Help the victims of Khargone Riots

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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