Relief assistance to the family of Israel who died in police custody in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna

Relief Assistance For The Family of Israel, who succumbed to his injuries while in police custody in Guna Madhya PradeshOn Thursday, November 24, at around 10 pm, 30-year-old Israel died in police custody in the Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. He was detained by four station police officers while he was on his way to home from attending a 3 day ijtema (relegious congregation ceremony) in the outskirts of Bhopal city.Israel had bought clothes for his children on his return from Bhopal. He was a wage laborer and the sole bread earner in the family which comprised his father, wife, 3 daughters and 8-month-old son. They are all orphaned now. “Who’s going to provide for them” is the question that lingers with Israel’s father now. When a person dies, he can't be brought back. There is no alternative, no substitute. He is too old to ensure a good future for his grandchildren.Miles2Smile foundation is also heartbroken at this devastating act of hate and the non indemnified loss to his family. We understand that there is little we can do to ease the grief and trauma that Israel and his extended family are going through, but we planned to start this fundraising campaign to raise money for his wife and the orphaned children. If you’d like to help and donate, the money will be used for the same. This campaign is one of many ways Miles2Smile foundation wishes to support the family of Israel in the face of the hatred they have undeservedly received.Miles2Smile foundation has received direct permission and approval from Israel’s uncle Aslam Khan, and has also spoken to him and made him aware of this fundraising. The donations from this fundraiser will be considered for Israel’s kids (in the future) as well for immediate sustenance. Israel’s family members will make a final decision on the donation funds and where it will be going. Miles2SMile will soon release a financial statement letting everyone know.


Relief assistance to the family of Israel who died in police custody in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna

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