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Winter wishes: Donate for warm blankets & jackets to needy kids at our Madarsa at Delhi & Nuh

As the harsh winters are fast approaching, we have initiated a donation drive to provide around two hundred blankets and jackets to the underprivileged students studying in our madarsas to protect them from the bitter cold. Any donation that you may find within your reach will allow us to better insulate and protect these underprivileged students who have to encounter severe winter weather every year.

Donating good decent clothes- or even new clothes if you are in a position to donate- to those who need them is an act that Allah Subhan Wa Taala loves. Our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) has told us, “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)
Donating clothes is one of the best forms of charity because it conceals and protects a person and preserves his or her dignity among the people. Your donation will ease their difficulty during the winter months and as Allah has promised everyone that reward for good is nothing but good.

It’s been two years since the north east Delhi program victims suddenly found themselves living in the camps, unprotected and enduring the aftermath of brutal communal violence that they were suddenly made to face and they’ve been picking up the broken shards of their lives since then.
And some of these Madarsa students belong to such victim families.The winter months for students coming from such families are more difficult to bear, they often find themselves in a bitter situation. Your contributions can help brave these children to encounter the winter season in some comfort. This way, even underprivileged children will be able to get through the months of cold weather the same way as the other children.

And, as we give some woolen jackets & blankets to these students, it just makes everything perfect for them. It makes easy for them to withstand the weather. And that is the main goal of our giving; “to bring happiness to someone’s heart.”

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Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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