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Help us in providing support to Nijri & Sariyam from Nalhad in Haryana,

Miles2Smile has started a fundraising campaign to support Nijari, a 56-year-old woman residing in Nuh, Haryana. Nijari, a widow and mother of three children, tragically had her home demolished during a recent demolition drive. This unfortunate turn of events has left her and her family without shelter, compelling them to endure sleeping under the open sky. The campaign seeks to provide much-needed assistance to Nijari and her children, aiming to alleviate their immediate housing crisis and restore a sense of security and stability to their lives.
The fundraiser will also support Sariyam. Her family consists of six children, including four daughters, who have found themselves in a dire situation after their residence was demolished during a recent demolition drive carried out in Nuh, Haryana. This unfortunate incident has left them without a proper shelter, compelling them to endure the hardships of sleeping under the open skies. The family’s already fragile financial circumstances have been further exacerbated, as their household belongings were also destroyed in the process. Miles2smile aims to alleviate the distressing situation faced by the family by raising funds to provide them with essential assistance and aid in rebuilding their lives.

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Miles2Smile is a non-profit organization registered under Section-8 of the Companies Act 2013 (18 of 2013) and Rule 8-Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. The organization has its headquarter in New Delhi. The prime working area of the organization is relief & rehabilitation of distressed individuals or groups and educational upliftment of the marginalized and underprivileged.