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A fire broke out on the evening of 15 December 2021 at Rohingya refugee camp located in Ferozepur Namak, Nuh district. Out of 32 shanties, 30 were burnt and destroyed by the fire within minutes and left 102 residents homeless. Most of the refugees living there are daily wage laborer and vendors. The Rohingya refugees have had to endure major losses due to the recent fire. The fire left them no time to salvage any of their possession. All the belongings, savings and documents have been lost in the fire. The people living there saw their houses becoming ashes in front of them. The situation there is desperate and children, women and old people are the hardest hit sections.

Our team Miles2Smile reached there at the earliest after hearing about the mishappening with all the relief materials required. Losing a home causes emotional distress as well. We reached there and saw people experiencing several stages of adjustment including shock, depression and hopelessness. Our team distributed warm clothes to each of the 102 residents who have been rendered homeless. Our team also constructed 5 washrooms for the people there and arranged 100 pieces of 14-foot bamboo sticks, 30 pieces of 24-foot bamboo sticks and 50 meters of plastic sheet for the construction of new structures. We gave 5 water drums and 10 buckets and have made the arrangements for drinking water. 6 extra large mats have been arranged along with 43 good quality blankets for all the families there to fight off the cold.

Following is a list of essential materials we will be providing to the affected refugees. We are planning to provide the victims of the fire with 55 beds costing Rs. 82,500 along with 55 bedsheets costing Rs 11000. We will also provide 55 mosquito nets costing Rs.27500.  A lumpsum quantity of dry ration including rice, flour, pulses, oil and spices costing Rs. 1,00,000 will be provided to them to sustain them for atleast 14 days. 30 cylinders costing Rs.18,000 and 25 drums costing Rs. 22500 will be arranged for them. Some essential utensils costing Rs.60,000 will be given to them as well. Janamz, abayas and copies of Quran will also be distributed valuing Rs. 33,000.

We urgently need your help to support survivors, who have already been forced from their homes and faced years of suffering amid the Rohingya crisis. Kindly donate.

Particulars Unit Price (₹) Quantity Total Price (₹)
Beds 1500 55 82,500
Bedsheets 200 55 11,000
Mosquito Nets 500 55 27500
Dry Ration (Rice,oil, flour, spices etc) Lumpsum Lumpsum 1,00,000
Cylinder 600 30 18,000
Utensils Lumpsum Lumpsum 60,000
Drums 900 25 22,500
Janamaz 400 20 8000
Copies Of Quran 500 10 5000
Abayas 800 30 24,000
Grand Total 3,58,500

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