The Brave Women of Shiv Vihar

Shiv Vihar received the maximum heat of anti-Muslim NE Delhi Pogrom. Torched properties, demolished residential areas, broken windows, and scorched walls were enough to attest to the situation.

Unlocking hope in the face of a lockdown

Thirty-one-year-old Aasif Mujtaba is often mistaken for a lawyer, and sometimes a doctor. Word gets around as soon as he arrives at Babu Nagar in Mustafabad,


An Innocent Life lost, Is an Innocent Life lost. Grief is Dark and Murky. It is neither Saffron nor Green. Blood spilled on the streets, Is Bright Crimson Red.The Bright, Glittering Fountain of Knowledge. Reduced to Gray Ash, Was neither Saffron nor Green

Shafi Alam – surviving a pogrom with strength and love

Shafi Alam set up a small shop of stationery on the ground floor of his own house in Gali No. 4, Khajuri. Some portions of the ground floor were under construction, on the side, a small set of stairs set the entrance to his house. On the first floor, the whole family of three-generation lived together, and the terrace was home to goats.

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